Showcase Your Business

NGD is the place where that innovation accelerates. This year, our expansive program is designed to engage and support the best businesses in the unmanned and autonomous systems community.

What is showcase?

It is a track where businesses can demo their product and services to attendees, investors and customers. As a business, whether you succeed or fail boils down to access…access to profit-building industry connections. Businesses breathe new life into the unmanned systems economy by opening new markets, advancing technology and increasing employment opportunities. Their vision and tenacity transform local communities and entire industries by successfully fuelling growth, innovation and change. Showcase your business gives you a space in the exhibition hall to do do just this.


No matter how experienced you are at your business, everyone can learn.  Working in a business venture can often be isolating, and without exposure to a variety of points of view, we can miss new ideas and trends that can impact future results.


NGD provides a great opportunity to network.  Often competitors from other regions of the country can become valuable resources for referrals and best-practices.  Avoiding peers for fear of others discovering your competitive advantage can actually limit your own success.  Collaboration is the way to approach networking. 


Discovering innovative products and services for your business is necessary to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world.  Plus, these vendors who sell to your industry fully grasp what is happening inside your competition.  Invest time with other companies at the event and turn them into your friends and allies.

Generate Leads

If live events aren’t a part of your lead generation strategy, you’re missing out on an opportunity to accelerate your sales cycle and grow your business.We’ll welcome over 1,000 attendees to NGD this year. They want to see what’s out there, and what’s about to come, in the world of drone-tech. The NGD community know what they want, and are engaged with our mission.

Showcase your drone-tech business in









We aim to provide

Businesses with a platform to gain exposure, find new investment, partner with others to strengthen their business and find customers.

Investors with a preview of game-changing and potentially profitable technologies.

Businesses with an opportunity to collaborate with some of the most ingenious innovators in the world.

Showcase Your Business

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