Some of the most frequently asked questions can be found on this page.

The NGD event was supposed to be in Q1 2020, we are currently monitoring the global health crisis and hopefully will have new dates soon.

Next-Generation Drones is an event, with 3 distinct tracks. Pre-series A, established Startups and industry leaders. We want them to showcase their latest Drone-tech Innovations.

The Kafu program is aimed at early stage startups. There is a limit to 100 companies that will be chosen. Their flights and accommodation will be covered. 5 companies will receive grant money to support their business.

There will be a voting system. Attendees will choose their favorite Startups, and the top 5 by popular vote will get a grand sum of 50K USD each.

NGD does not invest in startups, we only provide the opportunity for networking and the platform for the investors to do so.

This year the showcase is free to participate for the selected companies.

NGD is a private event company in the private sector aiming to provide Tech Event experiences in Saudi Arabia.

No, it’s an expo showcasing the newest and the best innovations in the drone sector.

Networking with startups and industry leaders from all over the world working in the same field, investment opportunities with large companies and marketing your products in the largest emerging market in the region.

Any and all drone-tech innovations in the commercial sector, welcome to apply!

Yes, you can apply for Saudi visa from here https://visa.visitsaudi.com/

Flights, accommodation and transportation will be arranged for top 100 startups chosen for the Kafu Program.

Any drone-tech related innovations are welcome to apply.

If you would like to cover NGD in a media capacity, you can do so by filling out our media accreditation application form. For information on media at NGD please contact media@ngd.tech

We can provide you with a confirmation letter to assist you with your visa application process. This letter states you have purchased a ticket for our event which will be taking place in Riyadh. This will help during your visa application process.

For more information on our investor opportunities, you can visit our investors page or contact our investors team at Investor@ngd.tech

Just fill in this short form on our website and you will receive an email detailing our partnerships packages. Someone from our partnerships team will be in touch to discuss all our partner and exhibitor opportunities shortly after.